A premium coffee capsule vending mechanism, designed, developed and manufacturered...


Getting a good cup of coffee has never been easier, quality coffee in the workplace is as much a neccessity as anything else. We were asked to design and develop a suitable mechanism for the vending and dispensing of coffee capsules, ranging in various strengths and flavours. To be incorporated into a single machine suitable for modern offices and relaxtion areas.

coffee capsule vending

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The mechanism was designed for both semi automatic and fully automatic actions. Dispensing the chosen capsule via a shuttle which drops the capsule into a tray for the user to collect and use.

The vending mechansim also features a series of coffee cartridges that can be swapped over when empty, allowing for super fast reloading of the machine. Each cartridge is colour coded to avoid confusion.

The concept was digitially designed and developed in CAD to ensure a working reliable mechanism, developed within budget.

The rendering above highlights that the project is still in development, for more information please contact us directly.