O2 Telefonica

Wanted to explore alternative routes to market by vending mobile phones and SIM cards airside, showcasing their domestic and international tariffs at Manchester airport...


Airports represent one of the highest consumer traffic footfall environments imagineable. Thousands of customers waiting around for their flights, with only time to kill. This combination creates a high demand retail environment.

With flights arriving and departing 24 hours a day, we were asked to...

mobile phone vending

O2 vending machine with card payment & top box modules.


K6 created a simple side module to house the Chip and PIN terminal along with the touch screen display, in a design using similar materials to the existing vending machine. Market Research identified the need for a product selector, for the following reasons:

The result is a technology that gives customers the confidence they are purchasing the correct memory card for their device. Developed in partnership with iweb the software allows selection in 3 straightforward steps. With increased airport restrictions and security levels, product placement meant access to the vending machine for maintenance & stock check would be minimal. K6 developed in conjunction with Vendpay, a remote telemetry reporting system that allows MyMemory to monitor machine use, stock levels and other important data.

A vinyl wrap completes the machine by visually joining the modular unit and vending machine together, giving a fantastic advertising opportunity for the brand to create visual interest.


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