Faced with changes in the laws on sale of tobacco products, DAA needed to supply an assisted kiosk capable of dispensing products whilst not been advertised to the general public...


DAA were faced with a unique challenge by the ever changing legislation of tobacco products, the law at present prohibits the display of tobacco based goods in Ireland enforcing that products must be out of sight of the consumer until purchase. This threatened one of DAA's main revenue streams, duty free goods. This created a number of challenges that we were asked to address:

retail cigarette dispensers

Render of base dispening unit.


With no standard mechanism existing for the vending of cartons of cigarettes sold in large capacities, a simple gravity de-stack system was devised, capable of being adjusted to accommodate the range of products offered. Products are dispensed, one at a time by a shuttle moving the product forward through a vend door.

A unique motor controller board was designed to constantly monitor the health and performance of the linear actuators to ensure optimal performance of the machine. Additionally remote operation was built into the system to allow future development for an improved user interface...